Plasma Generators Tesla Coils

Plasma Generator is a Bioenergetic Device made of nano-copper – cooper coils covered a layer that contains information/energy of natural mineral salts, wild herbs, ormus and Gans (gas at nano state.

At the centre of the device  there is a slot where you can place a Natural, Raw Crystal or any other object of your choice such as herbs and mineral salts. Objects placed at the centre can be felt with a stronger impact as their bioenergetic field is enhanced by the generator.

Ideal for non-contact and contact energy stimulation, for reducing pain and stimulating the flow of energy in the body, which activates and facilitates the self-healing and regeneration processes in the body. It also removes the negative impact of electro-smog (wi-fi, electrical devices, etc.) in your space.
Plasma Generator is recommended for placing on areas of the body such as your hands, spine, heart, belly or in your most often attended enviroment such as your office,  your home or the night bed stand.

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