How does it work?

Humans generate a Bioenergetic field. All living organisms emanate bio-energy within and around them. In state of health and harmony, the energy flows in and around the body freely with ease. When this flow is  hindered(e.g. stress, wrong diet, lack of exercise, other)  blockages then areas of stagnation arise. 

Our Bioenergetic Devices  support our own bio-field.  They are designed to stimulate the natural flow of energy in the body by strengthening the energy current. This translates into better regeneration, increased levels of energy, improved mental and physical condition as well as deepening our sleep, meditation, rest and relaxation.

The combination of Natural, Crystals and nano coils, strengthens the energy field of minerals and accelerates energy, which translates into a subtle, health-promoting effect on the human body.
Pulsation Pens devices has a harmonizing and stimulating effect on the treated areas of the body. The energy in the body is moved and all blockages and stagnation are released. Natural healing and regeneration processes are automatically activated in our body. All ailments gradually improve and the condition of the body becomes stronger.

What is Nano-Copper?

Nano-copper is a copper covered with a nano-layer. It is created as a result of a long-term bathing process in natural mineral salts and alkalis. Nano-copper has amazing properties. It attracts, converts, produces and reflects the electromagnetic field (energy).

Nano-copper particles interact with each other, creating a space around them, which is an ideal environment for attracting and storing energy (information). In contrast to copper, where the particles are tightly packed together. In our Bioenergetic devices, the energy contained in Nano-copper is saturated with health-promoting bio-energy of mineral salts, natural crystals and the intention of the creator. Which it has a supporting, energizing and harmonizing effect on its user.

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