Crystal Wands

Pulsation Pen is a bioenergetic device for directing energy and healing. It is made of nano-copper – copper covered layer that contains information and energy imprints of natural mineral salts, wild herbs, ormus and Gans (gas at nano state). The base of the Pulsation Pen is rooted with a raw natural Crystal.

Pulsation Pen is a great healing modality ideal for:

-precise non-contact and contact energy stimulation
-reducing pain and stimulating the flow of energy in the body, which activates and facilitates the self-healing and regeneration processes in the body.
– stimulating reflexology points on the hands and feet, meridians, chakras and relieving pain.
– harmonizing, cleansing and strengthening energy centers and supporting overall health and harmony in our own body.

The Crystal is surrounded by a spiral Tesla coil that strengthens the effect of the mineral, which translates into an immediate, physically felt, healing effect. Its harmonizing effect works both on the environment and the user, generating a subtle energetic pulse around it. It brings you into a natural state of meditation and relaxation as well as removes the negative impact of electro-smog, wi-fi and electrical devices in your space.


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