How to use it?

Using Pulsation Pen is easy and pleasant. Simply point the end of the wand towards the affected area of the body and slowly move in clockwise direction. For the best results it is recommended at least 20 minutes, 3 times per day. For healing internal pain or injuries as a guidance you can use a reflexology, acupuncture or meridians map to find points for energizing with the wand on your hand and feet. You can use Pulsation Pen also for meditating and relaxation by holding the wand in your hand, placing it under the pillow and inside your pocket or bag.

Plasma Generators and Amulets are recommended for placing on areas of the body such as your hands, spine, heart, belly or in your most often attended enviroment such as your office, your home or the night bed stand. This treatment activates and facilitates the natural energy flow, self-healing and regeneration processes in the body

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