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We’re creating Bioenergetic Plasma Wands, Amulets and Devices from Cooper, Nanocooper and Natural, Raw Crystals for stimulating the natural flow of energy in our body, reducing pain , healing and stimulating acupuncture points. For many years we have been immersed into deepening our healthy life in harmony with nature and vibrant energy.

Our creation is a blend of Ancient Knowledge, Tesla Concepts, Keshe, Egyptian alchemy and our own practice and experience over the years. A part of our creation is inspired by Keshe Technology but not completely. Our creation is unique in the way we protect the nanolayer and cooper with our own composition of alchemy.

Many hundreds of users have a happy experience with using, touching and feeling our devices. Having recovered from many chronic diseases and enjoying health and harmony.
We have made all our bioenergetic devices with love and safety for all users.

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