Pulsation Pens

Bioenergetic devices, wands, and amulets crafted to restore the natural flow of energy in the body. Made from nano-copper and natural, raw crystals.

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What we do ?

We specialize in crafting Bioenergetic Plasma Wands, Amulets, and Plasma Generators using Copper, Nanocopper, and Natural Raw Crystals. Our goal is to stimulate the natural flow of energy in the body, reduce pain, and promote healing by targeting acupuncture points.

Our creations are a fusion of Tesla’s principles, Keshe’s technology, Egyptian artifacts alchemy, and our own extensive practice and experience over the years. While inspired by Keshe Technology, our creations are not mere replicas; they are uniquely designed with our proprietary alchemical composition to safeguard the nanolayer and copper.

Numerous users have reported positive experiences, expressing satisfaction with the tangible effects of using and interacting with our devices. Many have successfully recovered from chronic diseases, enjoying improved health and overall harmony. Every bioenergetic device we produce is crafted with love and prioritizes the safety of all users.

Bioenergetic Devices

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Bioenergetic Devices

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